Youth and Children

We understand that God loves young people and wants them to be able to grow closer to Him through the local church. Young people face a different world than we did. Social media has allowed them to be introduced to ideas and situations for which they may not yet be prepared to handle. It also causes many of them to become increasingly more secluded from real-life relationships. 

It is our goal to put God's word into their hearts and lives, as well as to connect them with spiritually mature people, whom they can look up to as an example. Many churches seek to plant young people in groups that revolve around games and fun, while at the same time ignoring the weightier matters of God's Word. We are seeking to avoid this mistake and yet minister to young people through whole-family discipleship. Your teens will hear practical preaching and will be part of the adult fellowship of the church. Please consider placing your family under this God-centered approach. 

We also understand that family discipleship is a challenge for younger children. Therefore, we have nursery and junior church (through 3rd grade) at all Sunday morning worship services.