Youth Ministry

The main goal of our youth ministry is that God would change the hearts young people.  We understand that God loves young people and He wants them to be able to grow closer to Him through the church. Young people face a different world than we did. Technology and communications have allowed them to be introduced to ideas and situations for which they may not yet be prepared to handle. Therefore, it is our goal to help them put God's word into their hearts and lives.  

We are currently seeking to integrate young people into the church so that they can focus on worship and spiritual growth.  Most youth groups revolve around games and fun, while at the same time ignoring the weightier matters of God's Word.  We are seeking to avoid this mistake and yet minister to young people by discipling them through the preaching of God's word and through interpersonal relationships.  Your teens will hear practical preaching and will have a chance to become part of the adult fellowship. Young people need mature, adult influences in their lives.  They need to see examples of godly adults.  

Please consider placing your family under this God-centered approach