God the Father

God exists in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  These three are one God, having the same nature, attributes, and perfections.  They are worthy of the same respect, confidence, and obedience (Gen. 1:1; Deut. 6:4; Matt. 28:19; John 1:1-18; 6:27; 10:30 20:24-28; Acts 5:1-10; 1Cor. 2:10-16; 2Cor. 13:14; Eph. 4:6, Col. 2:9).

God has revealed Himself through His creation (Ps. 19:1-6; Pr. 3:19; Rom. 1:18-25).  He created the world in six days out of nothing and rested on the seventh (Gen. 1; Heb. 11:3).  God has also revealed Himself through His Word.

God is a spirit Being (John 4:24) and is self-existent (Ex. 3:14; Jn. 5:26).  His existence is not dependent upon any other thing.  God is unchanging in His character and nature (Mal. 3:6).  He has no beginning and no end.  He is eternal (Ex. 3:14; 15:18; Dt. 33:27; Ps. 10:16; 90:2; 102:12).  God is everywhere present at all times (Ps. 139:6-16; 1 Kngs. 8:27-30; Jer. 23:23-24).  God is all-powerful (Gen. 17:1; 35:11; Job 37:23), making Him capable of performing anything that is consistent with His character and nature.  God knows all things, actual and possible (Ps. 139; Prov. 5:21; Isa. 46:9-13).  God is perfect in Holiness (Ps. 99:1-3; Isa. 6:1-3; Rev. 4:8; 6:10), justice (Ps. 19:8-9; Job 8:3), love (1 Jn. 4), and graciousness (Jn. 3:16).  God is perfect in truth and cannot lie (Num. 23:19; Dt. 32:4; Ps. 31:5).

God is the supreme King over all of the universe and over everything that exists (1 Tim. 6:15; Rev. 17:14; 19:16).  There is nothing outside the realm of His control.  This makes God free to perform anything He desires, as long as it is within the bounds of His character and nature.  God, in His sovereignty, allows man to choose whether or not they will be servants of Him (Josh. 24:15).